IMS Canteen Management Software

IMS Canteen Management Software

IMS Canteen Management Software is a RFID technology, user-friendly system where the customers can get and make the order on their own. It is integrated with the TOUCH POS computer so that customers can come in and press their order and give the print out to the person at the counter.

Key Features of Canteen Management Software

Financial / Billing System

This system will deal with the financial related tasks like billing and even the Cash management.

  • Touch integrated billing system.
  • Manual code billing system.
  • Cash management system

Stock Management System

This system is responsible for managing and keeping the record of the entire stock of the company.

  • Inventory management system.
  • Inventory trading and monitoring system.
  • Stock variance packing system
  • Multi warehouse stock management.

Analysis & Monitoring system

The role of the Analysis & Monitoring system is to analyze and monitor the sales, purchase and stock of the company.

  • Sales analysis & monitoring system.
  • Purchase analysis & monitoring system.
  • Sales vs. Stock & stock vs. purchase analysis system

Staff Management System

This system is used to record and monitor the details of the staff / members of the company.

  • Membership management system


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