IMS Parking Management System

IMS Parking Management System

IMS Parking Management Software maintains track of inbound and outbound vehicle timings and determines the rates and amount to charge the client in the form of an invoice. The software also keeps track of the accounting. This software is mostly used in conjunction with a barcode scanner to keep track of timings and generate invoices effectively and efficiently.

Key Features of Parking Management System

Automated Ticketing

This report consists of the daily activities of the office which is registered in the IMS Parking Management System.

  • Parking In & Parking Out
  • Price Consideration Hourly, daily, weekly
  • Parking out without slip
  • Voucher Sales Invoice
  • Voucher wise Credit Note
  • Cash Settlement


The data collected can be used for coming up with vouchers and membership programs.

  • Membership Discount
  • Discount Vouchers
  • Generate Complimentary Pass

Real Time Tracking

Real-time data on all vehicles in parking lots can be shown, and this data can be utilized to efficiently assign parking spaces.

  • Track Vehicles
  • Data Backup


The system can generate reports for all counts and data, giving management a variety of options for making effective and efficient business decisions and allocating resources in the most efficient way possible.

  • Sales report
  • Parking reports
  • Vat Sales Register Report
  • Annex 7 Report


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