IMS Payroll Management Software

IMS Payroll Management Software

IMS Payroll Management Software is integrated with the most recent technology such as fingerprint devices, face detection devices, and RFID devices which keeps a detailed track of staff attendance including the Staff coming and going out.

Key Features of Payroll Management Software

Daily Reports

This report consists of the daily activities of the office which is registered in the IMS Time Attendance & Leave Management.

  • 24 Hour Attendance
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Daily Absent Report
  • Leave Register
  • Travel & Out Branch Entries

Monthly Reports

This report keeps track of all the activities that have occurred during the whole month.

  • Monthly Late Comers Report
  • Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Monthly Travel Report
  • Monthly Leave Detail
  • Monthly Late Report
  • Monthly Overtime Report
  • Monthly Official Out / In Report
  • Monthly Personal Out / In Report
  • Monthly Band Report

Annual Reports

This report includes the Annual Leave data of the employees.

  • Annual Leave Register

Company Detail Lists

This list will include all the company details which will make it easier for the company to access the data at any time required.

  • Department List
  • Employee List
  • Employee Detail
  • Employee List (Grade Wise )


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